How to take VSL#3

VSL#3 is available as powder packets or as capsules. The powder packets are designed to be mixed into cold drinks such as water and juice or foods like applesauce or yogurt. VSL#3 formulations should not be mixed with hot drinks or foods, as heat may inactivate the bacteria. Once added to food, VSL#3 must be consumed immediately. The capsules can be swallowed whole or opened and the contents can be mixed into beverages and foods like the powder in packets.

VSL#3 formulations can be taken every day for as long as needed to eliminate or control problems. VSL#3 can be consumed with all types of drugs. If you take it with antibiotics, VSL#3 should be consumed in between antibiotic doses thereby maximizing the probiotic effect.

VSL#3 requires medical supervision. Only your HealthCare Professional can decide if VSL#3 is right for you, how much VSL#3 to consume and for how long you should take it. Always take VSL#3 as recommended by your Healthcare Professional.

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