Low-FODMAP & IBS-Friendly

Our recipes were created by registered dietitian Patsy Catsos, author of The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook and IBS-Free Recipes for the Whole Family. Patsy provides a variety of easy-to-make, IBS-friendly and low-FODMAP snacks and meals that are sure to please the pickiest of eaters

It’s no picnic for a child or an adult to have a serious GI issue, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Let’s face it: living with IBS can make meal planning for the entire family a stressful chore. The trick is to know which ingredients trigger IBS symptoms, eliminate them, and yet prepare foods that will still please everyone’s palate. Are you familiar with a low-FODMAP diet? FODMAPs are a group of certain sugars and fibers in the diet that cause GI distress because they are poorly absorbed by the small intestine. In fact, 75% of IBS sufferers get relief from IBS symptoms when following a low-FODMAP diet.


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